Gahanna Soccer Association

2021 Board Member Elections

The Board of Directors of the Gahanna Soccer Association will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 8:00 PM in the Headley Park office. At the AGM, the we will hold elections for several of the positions on the Board.

Nominations for the positions scheduled for election are due by close of business on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and should be emailed to Brian Farber, Secretary of the Board of Directors, at

The positions scheduled for election this year are:

  • President*
  • Vice President of Competition*
  • Treasurer*
  • U-10 Girls Commissioner**
  • U-8 Co-ed Commissioner
  • U-7 Co-ed Commissioner
  • U-6 Co-ed Commissioner
  • U-5 Co-ed Commissioner
  • U-4 Co-ed Commissioner

* - Denotes an executive position. These positions may only be nominated by members of the Board of Directors
** - One year appointment to complete the two-year term of Bob Bielec, who is retiring from the Board.

To be eligible to serve as a Director of the Corporation, individuals shall possess the following qualifications which are consistent with the Corporation’s mission:

  1. Must be twenty-one (21) years of age; and
  2. Must be a City of Gahanna resident (unless otherwise approved by the Directors by a majority vote); and 
  3. Must be in “good standing” with the Corporation and have a vested interest in advancing the purpose and mission of the Corporation; and
  4. Must possess the time to devote and dedicate themselves to their specific role as Director and/or committee member, if applicable, 
  5. Must have at least one year of service to the Corporation (eg, Coach) or be the parent of a soccer player who has played two of the previous three seasons if an individual is interested in serving the Corporation as a Director, and
  6. Must have at least one year of service as a Director of the Corporation, if an individual is interested in serving the Corporation as an Executive Director.

To determine your eligibilty to nominate, or vote, any non-executive position, please see the excerpt from the GSA Bylaws:

Section 3.1.    Members.
 The members of the Corporation shall be each participant household in the GSA program. For voting purposes, each participant household shall be limited to one vote. In the event a member participant has multiple households, the voting household shall be the participant’s primary residence as is legally defined, or otherwise determined by GSA. 

Section 3.2.     Member Voting Rights. Each current member household shall be permitted to nominate and/or vote for non-executive Directors of the Corporation at the Annual General Meeting. Each current member household shall be entitled to cast one vote in person for each open non-Executive Director seat. Members shall not have any other voting rights.