Gahanna Soccer Association

Rules for U-10 Teams Wishing to Transfer to U-12

  1. All normal player eligibility rules will continue to apply i.e. birth date requirements.
  2. Only players that register during the regular registration period (before late fees begin) will be eligible to move with their team.  All late registrations will continue to be placed in the player pool.
  3. Only players that participated on a team in the spring season and registered again the following fall are eligible to move up with the team.
  4. Players on a team that chooses to move up are not obligated to move with the team.  They will always have the right to request a new team and be placed into the player pool.
  5. Teams may only move up at the beginning of the soccer year i.e. the start of the fall season.
  6. If a team chooses to move up, all players on the team at the end of the spring season who would be U-12 eligible in the fall will be allowed to remain with the team.  Coaches may not choose which players they want to keep on their team.
  7. Only teams that have at least half of their players that will be in the standard U-12 age range, not including players that wish to "play up", in the fall will be allowed to move up as a team.

    Example 1: At the end of the spring season, U-10 Team Blue has a roster of 10 players – Four ten-year-olds and six nine year-olds. Because the team has more players that would not be eligible for U-12 than are eligible, the team would not be allowed to move up.

    Example 2: At the end of the spring season, U-10 Team Gold has a roster of 12 players – Six ten-year-olds, five nine-year-olds, and one eight year-old that played up. Since half of the team would be moving into U-12 the team would be allowed to move together, with the exception of the youngest player, who would not be eligible for U-12 play under rule #1.